The Delia Arts Foundation was started in 2018. Our projects focus on helping talented musicians take their skills to the next level, with the ultimate goal of helping them become full-time professional musicians. Our work is focused in regions where there is little music industry infrastructure, such as the Middle East, Northern Africa and Eastern Europe. Our projects include trainings, performances and competitions, and exposure opportunities through social media and PR platforms.


Asfour (Blackbird) “We were just waiting for this moment to be free.”

The Asfour music video was created and recorded in Gaza, despite the limitations of working in this region. It is a remake of the song “Blackbird”, written in 1968 by the Beatles, and features Wafaa al Nejailly, a 27 year old nurse. Launched on January 1st on Facebook and YouTube, and promoted in the Middle East media, it has been viewed by a large and still growing audience. As a result, Wafaa has had the opportunity to interview on television and is receiving attention outside of Gaza for the first time.



Delia Sessions – Coming soon!

The Delia Sessions will be a YouTube series of five minute, live music shows featuring Palestinian musicians. The recordings will be presented in a regular, simple and repetitive format to create expectation, familiarity, and intimacy for viewers, and simplicity of production and budgeting for the live recordings. This concept is based on a number of successful series of similar formats, such as those produced by National Public Radio in the United States (Tiny Desk Concerts).



Palestinian Music Expo, Gaza – Coming soon!

The Palestinian Music Expo (PMX) is in its third year in Ramallah in the West Bank, and the Delia Arts Foundation is taking the lead to bring it to Gaza. The goal of PMX is to provide Palestinian artists an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to grow the music industry. Through the conference, they see that it is not only about musicians and fans, but also about agents, record labels, copyright law, royalty arrangements, the digital community, social media, communications, logistics, night-time economies, the hotel industry and so on. With this knowledge the musicians can take steps to grow their own careers both in Palestine and internationally.





Fi Mahal(Over the Rainbow)

After over a year of extensive international collaboration, the first-of-its-kind animated music video featuring Palestinian singer Lina Sleibi was released. The video brings alive the Wizard of Oz characters in the Occupied Palestinian Territories as they meet and interact with wonderfully animated graffiti art on the separation wall in Bethlehem. The video features Banksy’s artwork like never seen before, and depicts both the beauty and the harshness of Palestinian life in an aesthetic and thought provoking way. This production is suitable and engaging for all ages, and subtly touches on the complexity of Palestinian life in a refreshing and creative manner.